An approach to CLIL teacher language awareness using the Language Triptychh

María Ángeles Martín del Pozo


CLIL teacher training is one of the main challenging
concerns of both CLIL theorists and
practitioners. This paper aims to contribute to the
field by providing an example of a needs analysis
for CLIL teacher training regarding linguistic requirements
of teaching content subjects through
English. The theoretical framework underlying this
proposal is the Language Triptych (Coyle et al.,
2010) and the dichotomy BICS/CALP (Cummins,
1984). Open questionnaires were administered to
six teachers involved in a bilingual degree at Universidad
de Valladolid. Data were also gathered
from informal interviews. The references to linguistic
issues present in their responses are classified
according to the three elements of the Language
Triptych (language of /for/ through learning) or the
BICS/CALP distinction. Teachers show some basic
language awareness which can be perceived
in their reflections. The paper concludes with a
proposal of linguistic contents which, according
to the data analysed, seem to be appropriate for
language upskilling of those who are considering
commencing CLIL.

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