Opinions, perceptions and attitudes of a group of students taking a Bilingual Infant Teacher Training Degree: an empirical study

Raquel Fernández Fernández, Matthew Johnson


The present article focuses on the opinions,
perceptions and attitudes of a group of students
(N=23) taking the CLIL itinerary on their Infant
Teacher Training Degrees. Our main objective
was to reflect upon how students are experiencing
this specific training based on the ‘loop input’
theory (Woodward, 1986 and 1988), thus making
trainees experience what they will later put into
practice in their classrooms. Information was
gathered using a questionnaire and areas targeted
were their perception of second language
development, their training in CLIL provision as
a teaching tool, and their opinions about the bilingual
itinerary, including on an affective level.
Results show students do perceive an added
value in their studies, are generally capable of
identifying CLIL elements in the classroom, and
claim to have improved their English communicative
competence. This piece of research aims to
contribute to assessing and improving the implementation
of similar studies on training through
CLIL in Higher Education.

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